Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mom Inspired Driving Tips #Esurance

As mothers, we are often in the car shuffling kids back and forth from dance class to sports to  afterschool activities, etcetera.  It seems like we live in the car some days.  I know some moms who are trying to get a mailing address for their car!

That being said, I would like to pass along to my readers some of my “mom inspired” driving tips.  Maybe some of these will make your life easier.

  1. Establish rules for the car.  The younger you start this, the easier it will be.   Here are some of my rules: no loud music, no yelling, no agitating your siblings (or spouse), no putting feet on the back of the car seat (this is really annoying for the driver), and stay in your seat with your seatbelt on at all times.
  2. Teach your children to occupy themselves in the car and give them the materials needed to do so. I keep a stash of coloring books, notebooks, mad-libs, markers and books in a backpack in the back seat.  I also like to toss in things like Brain Quest and little figurines for my kids to amuse themselves with.  For long trips, I add their readers, handheld gaming systems and the DVD player with movies.  I make sure the items are all placed within reach of the kids.  This way, they won't distract you as much.  The less distractions, the better.
  3. Leave 10 to 15 minutes earlier than you need in order get where you are going without feeling rushed.  I know this can be very challenging, but leaving a little earlier keeps you out of the rush mode.  You are more prepared to handle delays along the way without feeling stressed.  When we are rushed, we are more likely to take more chances on the road, endangering yourself and your children.  It also keeps your stress level down, and as mothers, anything that can reduce stress is welcome.
  4. My next tip is stolen from the Boy Scout motto; be prepared.  Yes, be prepared for anything and everything, from traffic, to weather, to breaking down.  I like to keep snacks in the car for those times when trips take longer than expected (or you are broken down on the side of the road).  I also keep a shovel, flasher lights, flares and a lighter in the trunk along with jumper cables and a blanket.  I even have some of those foil looking blankets that are supposed to keep you warm.  Also, a first aid kit is a must-have in the trunk.  Make sure you don’t travel without your cell phone and that it is fully charged.  It is great to have a car charger for your phone, too.   Keep up with maintaining your car.  Have it serviced regularly and check tire pressure, oil levels and windshield washer fluid between servicing.  Keep an eye on the gas tank and try not to let it fall lower than ¼ full.  Running out of gas and being stranded is no fun at all.
  5. Be a defensive driver.  No matter how great of a driver you are, there are a lot of others that are not.  By driving defensively, you can keep an accident from happening.  Follow the rules of the road and drive the speed limit.  Besides helping you to avoid accidents, it can also help you to avoid tickets.  
  6. I have to add one more.  DO NOT TEXT WHILE DRIVING!  This is so ridiculously unsafe that I can't believe people even do it.  Also, avoid those unnecessary phone calls.  They are just another distraction that can lead to an accident.

I hope these mom inspired driving tips are helpful to you.  I’d love to hear any tips you have!

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