Thursday, January 12, 2012

Review: Goalforit! A FREE Online Site to Help You Reach Your Goals

Are you having trouble staying on track with your New Year's Resolutions?  Could your kids benefit from a chore chart?  Do you need a place to organize your plans?  Then you might want to check out! in an online site that helps people reach their goals by providing various tools and a way to account for your progress.

The first thing I saw on Goalforit is the personalized chore chart you can make for your children.  They don't just include chores, but behavioral goals and even healthy habits.  The charts can be customized for children or for tweens and teens.  What I love about it is that you can set points, a.k.a Moolah,  for each task completed.  The Moolah can be spent on rewards created by the parents. I think this is an awesome concept and have started this with my children.  I have found it to be very motivating for my kids.  It is also a great lesson in money management as children will learn to earn, save and spend.

This alone makes this site awesome, but Goalforit offers so much more!  You can design a plan and set goals for yourself and keep track of it the goal tracker or on a daily goal chart.  What's more is that you can establish a community of friends and family if you want.  You have the option of keeping your goals private or making them public or just sharing with friends.  I love that it has preset goals for health (i.e. eat more vegetables, strength train, floss, walk, etc.) as well as traits (i.e. wake up on time, watch temper, be patient, etc.), fulfillment (i.e. me time, read, nurture faith, etc.) and household (i.e. chores, kids homework done, track spending, dust, etc.).  In addition, you always have the option to create your own tiles.  You also have the ability to add points and establish a reward system for yourself.

You can print off your charts and mark them down but you can also enter them in online and keep track of your progress this way.  It automatically tallies your points for rewards each week.  You can even set email reminders for daily, weekly or monthly.

The beauty of it all is that this site is absolutely FREE and has no advertising on it.  The owner, Michael, created Goalforit as a "passion-project" to try to help people "bring more focus and personal success into everyday life by recognizing, developing and capitalizing on their own unique strengths and abilities."

This is something very beneficial for my family and myself.  My girls are excited to get their weekly goals entered and watch their moolah build.  I am excited that I don't have to constantly remind them to do their chores.  I also love the personal goal setting for myself--it helps keep me on track and more organized.  With the New Year, this is the perfect time to start up on!  I am loving it!

Disclosure:  I will be compensated for this review.  As always, this review contains my honest opinions.

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