Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Review: Save Money with Purex Triple Action--Bright, White, Clean

The water where I live is pretty hard and leaves my whites looking dingy.  In the summer, I try to hang my whites outside and let the sun brighten them, but even then, I find I need a little help.  And a lot of help throughout the rest of the year.  I was using another product--no names here, but it was pricey!  Because of the price, I hated to even use it every white load.

When Purex sent me their Purex Triple Action formula laundry detergent, I was definitely looking forward to trying it.  My past experience with Purex products has been very positive and I like that they don't take a big bite out of my wallet.  The Purex Triple Action formula laundry detergent claims to leave your clothes "bright, white, and clean...for half the price of the leading brand."  I am very happy to say that it definitely lives up to it's claims.  In just one washing, my whites were noticeably brighter and whiter!  What is great is that this detergent is great for both regular washing machines like my 25 year old beast or the new HE machines.  You definitely must try it!

Disclosure:  I received a bottle of Purex Triple Action formula to facilitate this review.

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