Friday, January 27, 2012

That 70's Show

Guest Post
Thanks to Darwin Barton

I have talked before about how I am not the biggest fan of Ashton Kutcher and I am about to tell you the one exception that I make for him. It is That 70’s show. I like this show for so many reasons. One being nostalgia. I can remember back in high school when I used to wear the exact same kind of clothes as Jackie and my mother had the same hair style as Kittie and probably the same way of thinking as well. It really takes me back to the good old days. Another reason why I love this show is because it is well written. The characters are pretty much believable and Red reminds me of my father from back then. My favorite character on the show is Kelso. This is my one exception for my dislike of Ashton Kutcher as an actor. I think in this role he is playing the kind of role he was meant to play, one kind of similar to his lackadaisical demeanor. Check out to check out packages that will let you watch That 70’s show on your TV at home.

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