Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What Kind of Sick Society Do We Live In?

What kind of sick society do we live in that we we glorify a man who, by his inaction, allowed children to be sexually abused?  I am so sick of how the media and people (friends included) are glorifying Joe Paterno.   Sure, he was a nice man.  Sure, he was an awesome coach.  Sure, he loved Penn State.  But he did something terrible.  He lacked the balls to stand up and protect children.   Why did he knowingly look the other way when he was told of Jerry Sandusky's actions?  There are only two reasons I can think of; money and power.  He wanted both and had complete disregard for children, whose lives were being destroyed.  How someone can know that a child is being abused and not make every effort to stop it is beyond me.  It is sick.  He was sick.  Stop glorifying him.  Stop saying he was treated bad by the university.  Stop making excuses.  Abuse needs to end NOW.  Do something Paterno didn't, take a stand against child abuse!

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JR911 said...

Amen, Amen, Amen sista!!! The other guy who needs to stop being made out to be a "hero" is the dude that saw what was happening in the locker room and then turned away to only tell Paterno. I'd have freaked out and ripped his ever loving head off and taken that child into my protection right then and there, no matter who that man was to me. Who the crap thinks backing out, mulling it over, and telling some administrator is the right thing to do?

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