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Clorox Clean-Up - Recipes for Fun: Nature's Masterpiece #RecipesForFun

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Growing up, I remember many times walking around the house being bored.  So, when my kids start with the "I'm bored", we like to come up with fun and creative things to do.  And as a parent, I find that these are some of the best times I have with my children.  The girls enjoy being together and spending time with me.  I, of course, love spending time with them, too.  I also love to encourage them to expand on their creativity.

We all love nature and being outdoors.  My children are constantly picking up sticks, flowers, berries, fossils, stones, seeds, pinecones, shells and more.  These treasures always end up in our house and the girls love looking at them.  We display much of their findings in a dish, but on days when the girls are walking around and saying, “I am bored,” I suggest nature crafts.  The girls love it because it is something different every time.  I love it because it gets their little brains thinking and creating, not to mention the beautiful masterpieces that can be displayed around the house.

We like to do many different creative nature projects that all range from very easy to extremely easy.  I thought I would share a few of our favorites with my readers.  Please remember this one very important word of advice:  make sure you know what your kids are picking up is not poisonous and make sure your child does not ingest any of the treasures they find!

Construction Paper Masterpiece:  Grab some  construction paper, glue, crayons or markers, and items from nature.  Simply have your child come up with a creative picture using materials they picked up from nature, drawing whatever parts they want.  They can glue items from nature in place.  They may take petals from flowers and make their own flower.  Or make a log home out of sticks.  Encourage them to pull things apart and explore them more fully.

Busy working on Fairy Houses

Claire's Fairy House Made with leaves and flowers.

Shoebox Lid Masterpiece:  This is similar to the Construction Paper Masterpiece, but allows for larger/heavier items to be glued in place.  They may want to create a creek surrounded by rocks.  Or make a flower out of pinecones seeds.  They may just want to arrange them in a pretty way for display.  

I love to save the plastic food trays as they are also great for projects like this.  My daughters spread glue in the bottom of one, added sand and then glued shells from our beach trip.  What a cute way to display their shells!

Plain Old White Paper Masterpieces:  Grab some white computer paper, a handful of leaves and paint for a fun picture.  Have watercolors?  Then place a few leaves on the paper and paint around them, painting outward away from the leaf.  This leaves a negative leaf print.  Have tempura paints?  Then spread some paint in a shallow lid and let the kids do leaf prints.  Grasses, pine branches and other items make cool prints, too.

Claire is using a pine branch to create snowflakes.

Camille is using the dried flower pod of a hosta plant to make fireworks.

Stretched Canvas Masterpieces:  I find small stretched canvases for just a couple dollars at closeout stores.  I like to give these to my children for their creations.  They can paint make leaf prints, incorporate items from nature into the picture, whatever their little hearts can think of.   Depending upon what materials they use in the project, we grab the decoupage and get busy!

Nature Sculptures:  Let your children grab sticks, bark, nuts, berries and more from nature and glue them together to create a sculpture.

Like the idea of Nature’s Masterpieces?  Find more like them at Recipes for Fun, a new website from Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner.  Here you can find and share recipes for fun activities to do with your kids.  Whether it is cool science experiments, creative arts and crafts, or delicious cooking recipes, you are sure to find an activity for you and your kids to get down and dirty…and then clean it up!

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