Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Good-bye GFC? GFC Will Cease March 1, 2012

Update:  I have since read that bloggers who use will still be able to use GFC.

Did you hear that Google Friend Connect will cease to exist come March 1?  That is really a blow to bloggers who rely on the number of followers to secure pitches.  It takes some time to get a good following and now it looks like many bloggers will have to start all over.  The timing is especially bad for me.  When I changed my blog name, I had to create a new Facebook fan page and in the process, lost all my followers there, too.

But as life is, we just pick up and keep going.

I guess the new thing is Google+.  Now, I already had a Google+ account, but just didn't use it much.  However, I just learned that my Google+ profile could have a page just for my blog.  So, once again, starting over.  Anyway, I would love it if you would click the big red "g+" on the right side bar and add me to your circles.  Let me know and I will definitely return the favor!


Deb K said...

Just wanted to let you know that I added you on Google+

~Have A Great Day!~

Sharon Martin Beck Valley Books said...

I think this could be one of the worst decisions google have made. All bloggers loved gfc and it rated highly for advertisers etc, Im glad they have kept it for blogger blogs but its still not the same now.

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