Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Good-Night Kisses

Every night, without fail, I stop one last time in each of my daughter's rooms on the way to bed.  I cover them if they have kicked the covers off.  I pick up fallen teddy bears and tuck them in their arms.  I give them one last kids and another "I love you."  In my mind, I thank God for these precious blessings.  As they sleep peacefully, it is amazing how much they still look like they did as babies, especially my oldest.  I often wondered when I would stop this practice.

This past week, however, she decided she no longer wanted to sleep with the night light on.  As I went to her room, there was a note on the floor instructing me to leave the night light off.  So, for two nights, I stumbled into her room in the pitch dark and felt where her body was, then her head, then her forehead where I placed the kiss.  I missed seeing her precious face sleeping.  Was it time to stop the nightly visits?

Fortunately for me, the next night, she told me that she was trying to be brave and not use the night light.  But she said she had butterflies in her stomach because she was scared.  We talked about it and she decided that it was okay to use a night light--just not the pooh bear one.  I am not really sure how that ended up in her room, but at some point, she replaced her cute yellow one with it.  Anyway, the night light is back on.  And I am very happy.  :)

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