Monday, February 6, 2012

The Josh Powell Tragedy--This Could Have Been Prevented

As someone who has worked in social services for years, including child protective services, it really saddened and angered me today when I heard the news that Josh Powell had blown up his house with his two young sons in it.  If you aren't familiar with the story, Josh Powell's wife, Susan, disappeared one night when he reportedly took his sons camping in freezing weather at midnight.  Everyone knew the story didn't add up, but they didn't have enough evidence to prosecute the man.  Then, the children were ordered to be in the care of Susan's parents.  Any visitation with Josh was to be supervised.  The social service worker took the children to the house for a supervised visit.  The sons ran ahead and Josh locked the worker outside and blew up the house.

My question is this:  Why was the supervised visitation being held at the house?  This was extremely dangerous for both the children and the worker and is a practice that NEVER should have been allowed.  Anytime a parent does not have custody of a child, visitation should take place in a public place or at the child welfare office to keep everybody safe, especially when you have a parent that is suspected of murdering someone.  I really fault child welfare services for this tragedy.  What were they thinking?

May God bless those precious babies and their maternal grandparents, who have not only lost their daughter, but their grandsons in a horrifying way.


Some Lucky Dog said...

My heart breaks for this family. You are absolutely correct in your assessment of this! I was wondering the same thing when I heard that a social worker was taking the children to his home...

Anonymous said...

I am in a similar situation. I filed for divorce and we have 2 young sons. Long story made short, my estranged has had several suicide attempts, the latest being in Oct 2011 where he cut his wrist and held me against my will. He's now trying to get 50/50 placement. I am going broke fighting it because of his mental issues, addictions to alcohol and pornography. We both have attorney's...but I fear for my babies safety as he has been temp awarded unsupervised visits 6 hours during the week and an overnight occurring weekly.

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