Friday, February 24, 2012

Quit Whining and Grow Up!

I have been reading a lot of articles by people who are in support of religious organizations providing birth control.  Besides the fact that they TOTALLY miss out on the point that this smacks the idea of religious freedom in the face, these people completely feel entitled.  Waa.  You have to pay $40 a month for birth control.

First off, there are other options.  Like not having sex or natural family planning.  But if you can't possibly control yourself, then pay for birth control.  People have money for everything else; cable TV, Smart Phones, movies, eating out, going on vacations.  Why do you feel so entitled that SOMEONE else must pay for you to prevent getting pregnant?  If it is such a priority for you not to get pregnant, then give up something else, don't insist that someone else pays for it.  Grow up!

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June L said...

Amen! That is what I have been saying pretty much exactly.

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