Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day: Ten Years and it has Come to This

This morning, my counter was filled with cards and two small boxes of chocolates.  The girls each got a card and box of chocolates from my husband and I got a card.  When my husband got home, I asked him where my Valentine's Day gift was.  He looked at me with a cross of confusion and embarrassment.  He tried to save face by saying, "You said our Sushi dinner on Saturday when we went out was to celebrate Valentine's Day."  I wanted to make him squirm.  That was an off-hand comment I made at the restaurant.  "Yes, but that isn't my gift."  He retorted by saying, "Well, you tell me not to get flowers."  That's right--$80 for a bouquet of flowers seems a waste.  I respond, "Yes, I have told you to pick up some flowers at Kroger's for $20 or buy something I can plant in the yard."  He squirms.  "You could have bought that perfume I wanted," I add. "What perfume?"

"Is this what it has come to?  Ten years and it comes down to a card?" I say with a smile, letting him know he is off the hook.

Yes, it has been over ten years and a card for Valentine's Day is more than sufficient for me and he knows it.  With him, I have all that I will ever need.  Happy Valentine's Day, hubs!  I love you just as much now as ever!

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bikeohio said...

Why is it always ok for women to make men squirm, but we're not allowed to make women squirm without backlash from other women? Haha! Just a question!

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