Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ann's Great (ha ha) Disney Experience

I spent last week at Disney World in Orlando.  All week walking around the parks, I found myself formulating blog posts titles in my head.  Disney’s Dirty Little Secrets.  The Great Disney Delusion. What no one tells you about Disney.  How Disney made me feel like a bad mommy.  Why in the heck is that old man wearing Minnie Mouse ears?  Disney Vacation is an Oxymoron.  Disney turns some parents into monsters.  Why are you bringing a newborn to Disney?  Your child is too young for that terrifying ride!  I will probably never get around to writing all of them, but my mind was buzzing with ideas.  I should have had a Dictaphone with me.

But anyway, I will start here.  I knew going into this vacation that Disney wasn’t going to be my or my husband’s cup of tea, but we were going to do it for the kids.  I have been to Disney two times in the past and kept reassuring my husband that he would like it and have fun, even though it isn’t our dream vacation.  Anytime I told people where we were going, their eyes would light up and they would smile and say, “Oh, you are going to have so much fun,” “The girls are at the perfect age,” “You guys are going to love it.”  The weeks prior to our trip all I heard was, “Are you excited?  I bet you can’t wait” I am more excited that camping season is nearly upon us, I wanted to retort.

I knew going in that this was going to be a navigational trip.  I had friends brief me about what to see, when and how to get fast passes and where to eat.  In fact, numerous people told me, including our travel agent, that we needed to make our dining reservations as soon as we booked the trip four months ago.  We listened and took notes about what everyone told us.  And of course, they always ended it with the excited, "You are going to have so much fun!"

But none of them told us the real truth until we came home.  A Disney Vacation is serious work for the parents.  We constantly had to plan, map out, figure out times we had to be at certain rides, figure out how long it would take to get from point A to point B, know our schedule for the day, keep up with the dining reservations.  That coupled with 10 hours of going non-stop, Disney Vacation is an oxymoron!  When we came home and told people we needed a vacation, they all chuckled and said, "Yes, Disney isn't a vacation--it is work."  My one friend said that she is not allowed to "poo-poo" on Disney, even to her family, let alone to people outside the family.  So, the dirty little secret is this, Disney is not a vacation for the parents.  In fact, I have been back since Thursday and am just getting the energy to blog about it.  

Don't get me wrong, we did have fun and definitely learned a few things to keep in mind for next time.  Yes, you heard me right, there will be a next time.

Watch for more upcoming posts about the resort we stayed at and other things we learned from our trip.

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