Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Does the Hassle of Scheduling Your Sitter Keep You from Much-Needed Grown-up Time?

Have you ever had a need for a sitter, and leave a message for one not to hear back from her right away, all the while putting your plans on hold?  Or even worse, having other sitters snatched up from you while you wait?  This has happened to me a couple times.  I have called and left a message for one sitter and didn't hear back from her for a couple days.  Meanwhile, I was regretting not trying to get a hold of one of the other sitters we use.  And once, she called back, but couldn't babysit.  When I tried my other sitters, they had just made plans that day before I called!  And sometimes, I think during the day to call the sitter in the evening, but by the time school is out, life gets hectic with dinner and kids and all and I forget.  Before I know it, it is too late to call someone.  Or I may think about it, but get distracted on my way to the phone book.  Sometimes, this all prevents us from getting a sitter for some grown up time.

That is the problem.  Up till now, I didn’t think there was much of a solution, although I did decide in my mind to give a 24 hour opportunity before I moved to the next sitter on the list.  But there is a solution—SitterScout.   SitterScout is an easy way to reach your sitters—via text messaging!  It works by setting up an online account with a database of your sitters and their text number.  When you need a sitter, you have the option to send it to one sitter or all the sitters.  If you send it to all the sitters, the first one to confirm gets the job.  If you choose just one sitter, you can also choose an order of sitters to text if she can’t do it.

I love the entire concept of Sitter Scout.  It is easy to set up your account—just a few quick questions.  When you set it up with a sitters phone number, they will get a message from you saying that they have been added, so I would suggest first contacting your sitter and her parents to make sure it is okay.  The only time they will receive a text is when you are looking for a sitter.

When you need a sitter, you just visit SitterScout and enter the date and time, then select who you want.  Maybe you have a favorite sitter to ask first.  If she declines, SitterScout will move on to the next on the list.  Maybe you want to open it up to any sitter.  You can send it to any or all of the sitters you have.  The first one to respond gets the job.  If others respond afterwards, they automatically get the message, “Aww!  Sorry, the job has already been filled.  You’re on the waitlist.  If the job reopens, you will be contacted again.  To be removed from the waitlist, hit reply #no.”  When a sitter responds, you are sent a text message informing you of the details.  

So cool (or maybe I need to say “kewl”).  So easy.  So today’s generation of sitters.  So totally free.  I am lovin’ it!  What a fun way to schedule your babysitters!

Disclosure:  This is a Splash Media Campaign I received compensated to review SitterScout, but all opinions expressed are my honest thoughts and are not influenced by the compensation.

More about SitterScout:

The SitterScout Philosophy
SitterScout’s reason for being is to help parents with babysitter logistics, with the end goal being to get parents out of the house and into some much-needed grown-up time.
     We have a strong belief that happy parents are better parents. To be happy, parents need time away from their kids.
     There are many products for/about kids. This one is for PARENTS.
     We want to support and encourage parents in their efforts to recharge their batteries by helping them make and find time for themselves.
     Learn more about our philosophy and founder parents here:

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