Monday, March 12, 2012

Help Get MADE IN THE USA Products in WalMart

Imagine The Possibilities - Kids Playing with Doodle Roll

The Doodle Roll is a fun product that is manufactured by Imagination Brands Co, LLC, right here in the good ole US of A.  And there aren't many of those around anymore, especially at WalMart.  But you can help change that simply by voting for the Doodle Roll in WalMart's "Get on the Shelf" contest.

Let me tell you about Doodle Roll first.  It is a portable activity kit that comes with a roll of paper and crayons in a small, compact package that doubles as a dispenser.  It is perfect to stow in your purse or bag to pull out when you are out to eat, at a doctor's office or anywhere.  I can't tell you the number of restaurants we have been too that don't have coloring pages for the kids.  These come in so handy for that occasion.

So, to get this product on the store shelves, just vote via Facebook & Text Message every day from now until April 3rd. Bookmark this site and you can vote daily:  And spread the word to all your friends and family! Even kids can vote!  No obligations, no sign ups, no personal info – JUST VOTE AND GET A MADE IN THE USA PRODUCT ON THE SHELVES AT WALMART!

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