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Review: Celtic Woman Concert

Celtic Woman Tour Dates

I had the opportunity to see the Celtic Woman concert at the Aronoff Theater in Cincinnati this past weekend.  I figured the concert would be fun and relaxing, but I was mostly excited to have a GNO (girls night out) with my neighbor and friend, Stacey.  She was very excited when she found out that I had scored tickets, much more than I.  It is not that I don't like Celtic Woman, because I really enjoy listening to their mellow sounds.  I also enjoy watching them on TV, but usually in spurts, rather than the entire show at one time.

It was a beautiful day to be in downtown Cincinnati and we enjoyed salads, bruschetta and wine at a pub with an outdoor dining balcony.  We simply walked across the street to pick up our tickets.  Our seats were great--we were just about 7 rows back.  Even more awesome when no one sat in front of me.  (I am short and often have to look around people at events.)  So far, a great evening, but that was soon about to change once the performance began.  My evening went from wonderful to out of this world.

I am not sure there are even words to describe Celtic Woman in concert.  The ones that come to mind, though, are phenomenal, magical, hopeful, incredible, inspirational and, the recent albums title, believe.  The colors, the lights, the music, the performers--wow!  It was beautiful, motivating, and inspiring.  There are so many things running through my head right now that I am not sure I can get them all out.

I will start first with the lead singers, Chloe Agnew, Lisa Kelly and Susan McFadden.  They are all so incredibly talented and so beautiful.  I was amazed when I came home to find out that Chloe is just 16!  (Note: a reader/fan told me she is now in her 20's but joined when she was 16--either way, she is amazing!)  Then their is the talented Mairead Nesbitt, the violinist, who is not only an amazing (I know, I keep using that word but it just seems to fit) but was able to jump around and dance all over the stage while she played.  Her long blonde hair was swinging around and I thought for sure that it would get caught in her violin strings, but it never did.

The women didn't just stand around and sing every song.  Some songs were acted out.  My favorite had a story line of women bickering that was hilarious!

There was also a man who danced the jig like I had never seen before.  And yes, I have seen Irish dancers on a few occasions, but never like him.  He could dance!

There was also the man who plays the bag pipes.  Not only was he cute and could blow a pipes he wore a kilt.  It doesn't get much more sexy than a good looking man in a kilt!

Now for the music--it was phenomenal.  I have never heard anything like their rendition of Amazing Grace.  It started with the bagpipes, creating a soulful feeling.  Then the women began singing.  Their voices were absolutely angelic.  The entire audience was moved.  They also did a wonderful job on Ave Maria.

I really loved the traditional Gaelic songs they sang, including Danny Boy.  My favorite, though, was Téir Abhaile Riú.  This concert made me wish I was of Irish descent.  

This concert really moved me and inspired me.  Bottom line is this, whether you even slightly like Celtic Woman or are a huge fan, you really need to catch this concert.  It is definitely a night to remember and would be well worth the price for the best seats in the house.  

Here is a list of future tour dates in the US:

Mar 27, 2012Akron, OHCivic Theatre
Mar 28, 2012Columbus, OHPalace Theatre
Mar 30, 2012Chicago, ILRosemont Theatre
Mar 31, 2012Chicago, ILRosemont Theatre
Apr 1, 2012St. Paul, MNXcel Energy Center
Apr 3, 2012Champaign, ILAssembly Hall Star Theatre
Apr 4, 2012Kansas City, MOMusic Hall
Apr 5, 2012Little Rock, ARRobinson Center
Apr 6, 2012Memphis, TNOrpheum Theatre
Apr 7, 2012Memphis, TNOrpheum Theatre
Apr 10, 2012Louisville, KYThe Palace Theater
Apr 11, 2012St. Louis, MOFox Theatre
Apr 12, 2012Wichita, KSCentury II Performing Arts Center
Apr 14, 2012Dallas, TXVerizon Theatre
Apr 15, 2012Baton Rouge, LARiver Center Arena
Apr 16, 2012Houston, TXJones Hall
Apr 18, 2012Denver, COWells Fargo Theater
Apr 19, 2012Salt Lake City, UTEnergy Solutions Arena
Apr 21, 2012Portland, ORKeller Auditorium
Apr 22, 2012Spokane, WAINB PAC
Apr 23, 2012Seattle, WAParamount Theatre
Apr 25, 2012Sacramento, CAMemorial Auditorium
Apr 27, 2012Phoenix, AZComerica Theatre
Apr 28, 2012Los Angeles, CANokia Theatre L.A. Live
Apr 29, 2012Las Vegas, NVThe Smith Center for Performing Arts

Note:  Thanks, Rick, for the corrections!

Disclosure:  I received complimentary tickets for this concert in exchange for my review.  This review contains my honest opinions.

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Rick said...

It is great that you had the chance to hear them perform live. I always tell people that TV and DVD are nothing like a live show. A few things though. Chloë was 15 when she first started with Celtic Woman but she is 21 years old today and will be 22 in a few months. Second, Lisa Kelly is on maternity leave so she is not on this tour. She will return in 2013. Susan McFadden (blonde) is the third vocalist on this tour. I do hope you get a chance to see them again. I love your review. Thank you for sharing it with other fans.

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