Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Additional Grocery Savings

I know some people state that they just don't have time to read through coupon inserts, cut them out, file them and then find what they need when they go shopping.  I agree that it is time consuming and a lot of work.  But there still are ways you can save at the grocery store without paging through and clipping the coupons in the Sunday paper.  One way is to check your grocery store's website.  Some stores actually have digital coupons on the store's web site.  After registering your card, you simply click coupons that you may use when shopping in the store.  If you purchase the item, the coupon is automatically deducted from your total bill.  There are also a few sites such as Cellfire and Shortcuts that offer digital coupons.  They work in a similar fashion--just register your shopper card and then sign in to choose coupons you might use.

Another way to save is to surf the internet for coupons before you go shopping.  This takes a few minutes, but can pay off big.  Grab your grocery list and do a search for any of the items that might have a coupon.  For example, say Cheerios are on my list.  By searching for Cheerios coupon, I can find a coupon to print for $1.10 off.  You may find you can save several dollars by printing coupons.  Many companies, such as General Mills and Proctor & Gamble offer coupons on their site on a regular basis, so don't forget to check company websites.

If you frequently purchase items from a particular company, you may want to signup to receive their newsletters.  Many times they will include coupons that you can print and clip every month.

Remember, any money you save is like money you earned and a little here and there can add up to big savings!

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