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Earth Day Giveaway: Frozen Planet 3 DVDs and Sweepstakes!

Frozen Planet is a three disc DVD series from BBC Earth, the makers of Planet Earth.  (If you have never seen Planet Earth, you don't know what you are missing.). These videos explore the beauty of the Arctic and Antarctic like you have never seen before.   The films are narrated with the soothing voice of the world-renowned naturalist, David Attenborough. With breath taking views of the seasons, along with never before filmed animal behavior frozen Planet captures our world in a way that has never been seen before.  The videos invite you to see up close and first hand animal habitats, the life cycle of animals, how weather plays into animal behavior, ecosystems and majestically, how everything in life works and fits together, not just on land, but below the surface, too.

This seven part DVD series runs approximately 350 minutes.  The different episodes are:
  • The Ends of the Earth
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Winter
  • The Last Frontier
  • On Thin Ice 
  • Bonus Features

The bonus features include:
  • Science at the End of the Earth--A look at scientific exploration at the South Pole
  • Freeze Frame--Seven "making of" featurettes, one at the end of each episode
  • Production Video Diaries--A set of 47 revelatory video shorts
  • Frozen Planet:  The Epic Journey--The greatest moments of Frozen Planet
  • Music Only Viewing Option
  • English and Parisian French Narration; English, Spanish and Canadian French Subtitles

I love the BBC Earth series and Frozen Planet is just as amazing as the others!  We loved watching Frozen Planet for family movie night. (A word of caution, this is real life and some animals are attacked and killed, so if you have sensitive viewers,  you may want to be prepared to skip over these parts.  My girls had no problems watching it and it isn't very gory, in my opinion.)  The footage is absolutely amazing and we loved how they showed how the researchers got the footage.  It is amazing what they did and how brutal the elements were for them while filming

I love that the girls are so engrossed that they don't even realize how educational these videos are.  We learn of the habitats, the survival skills and behaviors of animals, ecosystems, weather and more.   It is truly fascinating to see the the intricate details of nature and how systems depend upon each other.  I would definitely recommend this video for anyone families and for anyone who loves nature.

I loved the time elapsed footage in different parts of the film.  It really brought to life how things grow and change over time.  I think my absolute favorite part was the the Emperor penguins.  Watching the males protect the eggs over a brutal winter and then being reunited with mom was so touching.

The best part of watching and reviewing this film is that now, my readers get a chance to win a copy of this 3-disc series, Frozen Planet, for themselves.  Just enter the rafflecopter giveaway below.

To learn more about the Frozen Planet series, visit  You can also check them out on Facebook at or follow them on Twitter at!/FrozenPlanetDVD.

Want to go on the Ultimae Polar Bear Adventure courtesy of BBC Home Entertainment and Tauck?  Then read on.



Frozen Planet arrives on DVD and Blu-ray on April 17, 2011

Ahead of the DVD and Blu-ray release of the acclaimed series Frozen Planet, BBC Home Entertainment and Tauck, a world leader in premium guided natural history travel, today kick off their Polar Bear Adventure Sweepstakes. Two pairs of lucky winners (one in the US and one in Canada) will receive a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to observe these magnificent, endangered polar bears up close as well as discover the rich human and natural history of Manitoba, Canada.

The six-day adventure grand prize includes:
·         Round trip airfare to Winnipeg, Manitoba
·         Private charter flights between Manitoba and Churchill
·         Local sightseeing and two full-day excursions deep into polar bear country ·         A private cocktail party and dinner at the Manitoba Museum
·         A storytelling session with a First Nation resident
·         A dog sledding demonstration
·         And much more

It will truly be the trip of a lifetime for the winners of the BBC Home Entertainment/Tauck Polar Bear Adventure Sweepstakes.  Click HERE to enter the sweepstakes.

Disclosure:  I received Frozen Planet DVDs to facilitate this review.

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