Thursday, April 5, 2012

ReMAKE Contest from Schick

I like it when big companies get in on the act to make things more eco-friendly.  Right now, in celebration of Earth Month, Schick has jumped in with newlyweds Amy Smart and Carter Oosterhouse along with Make Magazine to kick off Project ReMAKE.  This online contests invites the public to share their most creative ways to reuse everyday objects and materials, in collaboration witht he NEW Schick Xreme3 Eco razor.  Simply submit photos along with a 100-word description of a project you made from recycled materials.  It can be anything--a chandelier made from old hangers or a centerpiece out of plastic Easter eggs.  The sky is the limit!

Five finalists, chosen by a panel of judges, will receive made-to-order 3D printers.  One grand prize winner will be chosen by popular vote and will win an expense paid trip to Maker Faire in New York City and a sweepstakes winner will receive an eco-friendly Nissan Leaf.

For more information and to enter the ReMAKE contest, visit, or

Disclosure:  I will receive product samples in exchange for sharing this information.

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