Sunday, April 15, 2012

They Laid My Friend to Rest

Friday, they laid my friend to rest.  As I live in another state, I was unable to attend, but am okay with that.  From what I understand, the funeral was beautiful and one of Chris' former foster son's spoke about what a great man Chris was.

I still feel an overwhelming sadness, but have found peace in my heart.  There are times when it still doesn't seem real, and other times, it seems all too real.  I am thankful to have so many close friends that have helped carry me through this sadness, both online and off.   Your prayers and love and kindness were very appreciated.

I ask that you continue to keep Chris' family in your prayers as well as his foster son.

1 comment:

StuffSmart said...

I will continue to pray for all involved.

They may have laid Chris to rest but his legacy and the lives that he touched will continue to keep him memory alive.

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