Monday, May 21, 2012

Book Review: Corrine and Me by Betty Anne Hoehn

I recently had the opportunity to read Corinne and Me: An Unlikely Friendship  by Betty Anne Hoehn.  Corinne and Me is a story about the friendship developed between the author, a wealthy white child who grew up in the 60's, and Corinne, the family's black employee/nanny.  

The book chronicles the life of the author and how, through out her life, she would hear the soothing words of Corrine echo in her head.  Corinne's simple words, wrapped with great love, taught her about God and life.  Betty Anne views this relationship as a life changing one that built within her a strength to deal with difficult times.  Tied into Betty Anne's journy is also a story of forgiveness and love.

I found this book, along with the author's past, interesting.  I would have liked to seen the story line a little more developed.  The entire book was written in the past tense and I would have liked to have seen parts of it written as though it was present and characters brought more to life in a more narrative style.   I feel it is definitely a good read and the last three chapters have some very important  lessons about relationships, who we are, who are parents are and love, forgiveness and gratitude.

Disclosure:  I received a copy of this book for review purposes.  I did not receive any compensation and was not expected to write a favorable review.  This review contains my honest opinions.

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