Wednesday, May 2, 2012

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished...

My brother always says that no good deed goes unpunished.  Sometimes, I think that is true, especially when I went to buy shoes.

First, let me give you some background information.  I rarely have time to shop for clothing/fun for myself. It is either take the girls in the day (how fun is that to hear them whine and complain if I stop to look at anything for any amount of time) or go in the evening, which 3-4 of the five nights are usually filled with transporting a kid somewhere in the midst of cooking.  I can't even just get a sitter after school because we always have something.  On the nights I can go, I am usually just too exhausted to go anyway, so most of my clothing purchases are made online, except for shoes.  I have a very narrow foot and finding shoes that fit proves to be difficult, so I prefer to purchase them in the store.  I desperately needed fitness shoes so weekend when we were home, I managed to run to the mall to look for athletic shoes.  I was trying to find the Footlocker but came upon two shoe stores before.  The first one had a ditsy young woman who doesn't know what "narrow" and "traditional looking" meant and tried to sell me the hot new styles for young folk.  I finally headed out without trying one thing on.  The next store, a family owned company, provided me with great service and immediately steered me to a shoe that was narrow and traditional.  It fit great.  The price tag was, however, outrageous.  But, I really need good athletic shoes.  The quality of the brand I had been wearing for years had gone downhill and the most recent ones I purchased lacked support.  And my back is getting worse (from an old accident) and my knees are worse (arthritis) and so I need a good, supportive shoe.

They found me exactly what I was looking for.  But it cost and arm and leg and they would need to order me the size I needed because what I normally wear (7.5) was just a tad small.  I was tempted to go upstairs in the mall and see if Women's Footlocker had the shoes and what their price was.  Plus, I was pretty sure there was a coupon out for them.  But, the sales people were so nice and so helpful and it is a family own company that I decided to just pony up and give them the business.  I did run upstairs to the other store, who had them in stock in the size I needed.  They fit perfectly.  I thought about buying them (I'd get $15 off with my coupon) and going back downstairs and cancelling the order.  But, like I said, good customer service and family owned business.  I decided not to be frugal and didn't cancel the order.

The shoes arrived at my house by the end of the week.  In size 7.5.  UGH!  I called them and they tried to convince me to give the 7.5 a try.  No way was I going to have a shoe that my toe touched the end.  By the end of the month, there would be a hole there!  So, they said to bring them back in and they would reorder.  (No apology.)

It took me two weeks just to have the time to get back over to the mall, with my girls in tow.  I figured they had their chance and I was going to go to Footlocker and get them.  Wouldn't you know, Footlocker no longer had them!  They brought several other pairs of shoes for me to try on, but none worked.  However, they offered to order them and have them shipped to my house.  They were super nice and waived the shipping and I got the $15 off.

Then, I went back to the first store to return the shoes.  As I walked in, I was greeted by the man who ordered the shoes.  He recognized me once I said I had to return the shoes because they were ordered in the wrong size.  He said nothing more than this, "You need an 8."  No apology--nothing.  I told him that I couldn't wait and had purchased the shoes elsewhere.  The arctic would have been warmer than he was!!!  He never did apologize or anything.  Just completely rude!  Needless to say, I will never go back there!

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