Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I tell you, having good neighbors is truly a blessing.  Even having neighbors you don't particularly like, but are respectful is a blessing.  Having neighbors that are rude and disrespectful is downright frustrating.  We have had bad neighbors in the past.  Ones that like to try to get things started.  However, in this house, we have been fortunate, even with the house next door to us turned to a rental, we still lucked out with a very nice family.

However, they moved out.  And in moved a family with a boisterous father.  He came in boasting about how he was going to shake up the neighborhood and have everybody partying and having cookouts all the time.  We just looked at him.  This end of the street is rather quiet and we all like it that way.  An occasional cookout with neighbors or hanging out at a fire pit on Halloween is about all we are interested in doing.  But he kept blabbing his mouth.  So far, I have not seen one thing change since they moved in last summer.

We know his story--they foreclosed on a house before renting, then rented a house that costs way more than their former house, and say they are going to buy it.  They went back to their old house and dug up and transplanted all their landscaping at the new house.  Basically, they skipped out on their responsibility and then stole plants from the bank.

He is wild with weed killer.  I see him out there a few times a week spraying weeds.  I guess he has never heard that you can bend over and pull them.  Might do his big gut some good, too.  I worry about my vegetable garden, where I try to be organic.

He ripped out all the flowers that were growing in front of his rental house.  He appears to like the more clean look, which is fine.  I like flowers and have them tucked in various places in my yard.

Now he has gone too far.  He has gone and sprayed and killed a bunch of my flowers that border on his property.  He weed whacked some, too.  He couldn't have mistaken them for weeds because they were blooming.  He just plain out didn't want them there and didn't care that they are clearly on my property.



Michelle Garrett said...

So thankful both of my neighbors are rarely home and pretty much keep to themselves! He sounds like quite a character!!! Poor you!

Julie Wood said...

I really understand where you are coming from. We have a rental house right next door to us. We have had good neighbors in the past, but last August a single man moved in and things became terrible immediately! I live in a very nice neighborhood, and this guy comes in and causes trouble right away! He thinks it is okay blast his music, and to pound on his bongo drums. My whole family confronted him last August about all the noise and he apologized! He has gotten better, but sometimes he plays his music too loud! My thought is if you want to play loud music go live in the woods!

Mumsgather said...

Mine hangs their dirty laundry over our common fence. Sigh.

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