Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Airing My Laundry

Yes, I am back at it.  Not airing my dirty laundry, but my clean laundry.  During the warmer months, when I can, I hang my laundry out to dry.  Not all of it, mind you.  I still feed the dryer underwear and socks to keep it happy.  By doing this, I lowered my gas utility bill by over $60 a year--and that was based upon a year that we had a very long and cold winter plus rates went up.

Hanging laundry to dry is also great for your clothing.  Line drying diminishes shrinking and creates less wear on the clothing, so your clothing lasts longer.  Line drying is also great upper body exercise for you.  If you can't hang clothing outdoors to dry, you can also hang it inside your house if you have room.  My mother has a large basement area with clotheslines strung across it and hung most of the laundry to dry there in winter months.  In the winter, I hang jeans while the other clothing dries, giving them a chance to air dry for a bit.

Do the world some good--hang some laundry to dry, even if it is just a load.  

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Julie Wood said...

I always hang my families clothing on the clothes line when it gets warmer out! This saves me a lot of money,and I love the smell of hang dried clothes!

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