Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dad: Be the Best You Can Be! An Article for All

I know that most of my readership base is women, but for the few male readers, this is for you.  And for the married ladies, talk to your husbands about this.  For the single ladies, make sure you find the man who will become a great father.

We live in a time of turbulence.  Children and young adults are turning to alcohol, drugs, promiscuous behaviors, violence and crime.  And I am not just talking about those children--you know--the ones from the bad neighborhoods. I am talking about all children.  What is going on with these kids?

They are unhappy.  They feel they are missing something.  They try to fill voids.

What is it that they are missing?

Sometimes, not always, the answer is Dad.  And I don't mean the dad that walked out the door never to be heard from again.  I mean the dad they live with.

In the past, father and son worked side by side, plowing fields, caring for livestock, hunting and fishing.  The son knew they had a purpose.  The son realized their importance in the family for survival.  The daughter, although she didn't work side by side with dad, also knew she had a place in the family (albeit not one most girls would want today).  She also knew she was part of the family and important in the daily operations.  Maybe Dad wasn't emotionally there for their children, but the were able to make their child feel part of something bigger.  But as society progressed and our culture changed, the roles of children in families changed as well.  Typically, children are not needed for the survival of the family unit.  Instead, they have more freedoms to do as they wish with maybe a handful of responsibilities.

Dad's went to work and were sole providers in most cases.  Next, many moms entered the workforce.  The children's responsibilities shifted to school and schoolwork.  Mom, generally the primary nurturer, still nurtures her children.

Many dads do, as well.

But many times, dads do not take an active role in their children's lives.  They don't realize how important it is to be involved with their children on the day to day stuff.   Children don't always know they are important to the family unit.  Young woman, who don't have a good relationship with their fathers, end up being promiscuous, trying to find the love they never felt from daddy.  Young men need guidance from their fathers along with expectations for behavior.  Without a positive relationship with Dad, children can feel unhappy, and try anything to help fill that black void in their life.

So, if you are a dad, take time to get to know your children.  Spend time playing with them, laughing with them.  Let them know they are important to you and the family.  Fill their void.  You can make the difference!  You are important!

If you are a mom, whether married, divorced or single, encourage (notice I didn't say brow beat) Dad.  Make suggestions on how he can be more active in his children's lives.  Let him know he is important!


Julie Wood said...

This blog post is to true! There are so many children suffering because the their Father is not in their lives! It is so important to be there for our children and be a good role model. Our children are being neglected and the consequences are enormous! We need more parents to take an active role in their children's lives!

Real Life Deals said...

I am so thankful to be married to my best friend who is the best dad too! Plus I have a great father as well! I pray that my sons will grow to be the kind of men like their dad and grandpas!!! Thanks for the post!

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