Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gardening in the Dark

My garden is finally all planted.  We were delayed because we decided to do raised beds in part of the garden and Lowe's screwed up our order (for a month, even though we called weekly to check on it).  Anyway, we got the beds in this evening and filled with dirt.  But we didn't get around to transplanting my seedlings (which are now plants) till tonight after we put the girls to bed.

It was dark by the time we were done.  I am wondering how it is going to look, especially the seeds I planted.  Anyone else ever garden in the dark?


Donna George said...

I admire people who can garden. I currently have one plant. It is dead. A brown stalk. It does have peppers on it, but the rest of the plant is as dead as can be. I have no idea what went wrong. Poor thing gave its life so that I could try to grow something yet again. One day I'll figure out how to grow a dadgum plant.

Julie Wood said...

I have never done gardening in the dark! Wow you were really busy getting your garden done! I used to have a huge garden, but now I am not able to because I am taking care of an elderly father! It is hard work to take care of him!

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