Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Non-Wordless Wednesday--Teepee Time!

A few years back, when the girls and I were studying Native Americans, we put together a teepee in our yard out of sticks and an old sheet.  Surprisingly, it stayed up all fall and into the next summer, despite our strong winds.  In fact, it might still be standing, barring the neighbor boys who were in need of swords for their play.  Stick by stick, they demolished our tepee.   The other day, the girls asked if we could build another one.  So, I gathered large sticks and we started over.  This year, we found ornamental grass clippings down by the creek that neighbors discarded to use as our covering.  The girls are having a blast with it!  Since we threw this one up in a matter of minutes and didn't have as many big sticks, I am wondering if it will last the winter!

1 comment:

Julie Wood said...

Your girls are so cute! I think you made a really nice looking teepee! Wow I would even like to sit in it!

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