Monday, June 18, 2012

Parents, Don't Let Your Kids Play with Fire!

This seems like a rule that all parents should know, but I guess some don't.  While camping this weekend, my husband and I watched a boy run over to someone else's campfire (not his family's), take a large branch, stick it in the flames and catch it on fire.  He proceeded to start running after his friend with it.  Initially, I didn't say anything because I thought an adult was with him. (It was dark, well past quiet hours, mind you and the figure I saw turned out to be another child standing on a raised border of the play area).  Fortunately, the young adults who built the fire had enough sense to yell at the boy.  He stopped, but just for a moment.  When he caught the torch (stick) on fire again and started running with it,  my husband had enough and told him to put it down.  He also called out that it was quiet hours (as they were running around yelling) and to go ask their parents what that means.  Directly across from our campsite, an adult yelled back, I am a parent.

WELL, THEN, START PARENTING!  It is is bad enough that their kids were running around screaming long past quiet hours (11:30pm) but to let them run around on a very dry campsite with a torch?  What the heck are they thinking?


Tonia Sanders said...

They weren't "thinking." Most children that behave that way have thoughtless parents. No one to teach them respect or safety. It's sad.

Real Life Deals said...

Sometimes I wonder if there are common sense meds some people should be taking! Hate hearing (and seeing) things like this! Hope you guys had a great time anyway!!!

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