Monday, June 11, 2012

Review: Good Housekeeping Honeycomb Shade

Good Housekeeping Honeycomb blindOver the years, I have come to trust Good Housekeeping products and they have not let me down with their Cordless (Honeycomb) shades.  I really like honeycomb shades for many reasons, but especially because they keep you room warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.  And of course, they look good.  The Good Housekeeping shades come in many colors and patterns.  They are durable and washable and they are always white to the outside (I have a sister with a window treatment business who taught me how faux paux it is to have anything other than white showing on the outside).  The white fabric blocks almost 100% of the damaging UV rays, which can fade your carpet and furniture.

These blinds can be custom made to order online, no matter what your window size.  The ordering process was very simple.  You mainly need to know the inside measurements, including width and length.  If you don't know how to measure, the site explains how to do this.  After that, you just choose the type of blind.  The blinds are made and shipped quickly.

Good Housekeeping Honeycomb blind

I love my shade.  First of all, it is cordless--a must have if you have children.  I would highly recommend them for baby's room or any room.  The quality of the fabric is great and wonderful that you can clean it.  Installation is typical and not difficult.  I love the lift option--it just easily raises without cords.  You can also get these blinds to lower from the top, which would be great if you wanted some daylight, but wanted privacy.

I also loved how quickly I received the blind!  My man in brown came with the package and I wondered if my hubby had ordered something.  I never dreamed it would be my blind already.

Good Housekeeping Honeycomb blind

I haven't gotten a photo of my blind up yet, but will have to get one for you soon.

There are several authorized online retailers of the Good Housekeeping Blinds, including:,,,,, ,, and  

These blinds have Ann's good housekeeping seal of approval!

Disclosure:  I received a shade for review purposes.  As always, I my review contains my honest opinions and I never recommend products I don't believe in.


Real Life Deals said...

I definitely need a new shade for one of my rooms! Thanks for the suggestion!

Elizabeth Sanders Towns said...

I love these blinds. Absolutely love them. I would love to have them in my home. I wish you would have gotten at least a set for two windows for review purposes.

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