Monday, July 2, 2012

Bikini Over 40

A few weeks ago, I asked readers their opinions of women wearing bikinis when they are over 40.  I personally do not like one pieces--they are hot.  And, I still think I can pull off a bikini at 45.  My best friend, however, tells me no.  She thinks women our age should never wear bikinis.  Do I listen?  No.  Do I still wear a bikini?  Yes (even though I did buy a one piece and occasionally wear it).  

I even have this discussion with my husband.  He agrees that I can still wear one-what else is he going to say?

So, I have to share this little story.  We were camping and swimming on a lake beach.  As I was walking up to the water, I realized that a younger woman had been speaking to me.  I apologized and said I didn't realize she was talking to me.  She repeated what she said.  "I love your bikini!  It is hot and you are rockin' it!"  I studied her closely and detected no amount of sarcasm in her voice or face.  I think she really liked the bathing suit.

And it will keep me in a bikini another year.  Especially after another friend of mine told me at the pool that I looked great the next week.


Julie Wood said...

You go girl! There is nothing wrong with you wearing a bikini after 40!

Spike said...

I don't think age has anything to do with it, but my teens always wear one pieces. It's a family thing. I'm glad you got compliments. : )

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