Thursday, July 19, 2012

Keeping Your Lawn Green in the Summer

I know many of us are in a drought and our lawns are already brown (hoping the rain we got the past two days will green things up a bit here).  But there is one easy green tip you can do to keep your lawn healthy and green.  And that is set your lawn mower blade high.  If your blade is set to about 3 inches high, your grass will not need watered as frequently as the taller blades will provide some shade for the soil, and keep it from drying out as fast.


Julie Wood said...

I do this with my lawn mower! I set the blade up higher! But this summer my grass is still really green, and I have not had to water it much because we have had more rain than normal!

Ruth Cox said...

Yes, I have my blade set to 3 inches, too, so I don't scalp the lawn. My neighbor mows every week whether it needs it or not and with our lack of rain, her lawn is looking like a straw bed while mine is nice and green. Of course, it helps that my yard is entirely shaded by old maple trees.

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