Monday, July 9, 2012

My Baby Jumps!

My baby, who turns six this week, really surprised me the past couple weeks.  She has "bloomed."  About a month ago, when she found out I signed her up for swim lessons, she cried and screamed at me for doing so.   She was just scared.  After her first lesson, she turned into a water dog and the next week, passed the first swim test at our pool.

The pool we were at this weekend had a big slide and low and high dives.  Claire, a bit scared, went on the slide and loved it.  Then, she determined she would jump off the low dive and had a blast.  The next day, after a morning hike, she informed the family that she was going to jump off the high dive.  Her big sister freaked out and said that she couldn't watch--she was too scared.  My husband even tried to dissuade Claire.  I finally interjected and said that I thought she could and would do it if she wanted.  I didn't want my husband to talk her out of it.  I heard the determination in her little voice.

When we got to the pool, she went over to the high dive and climbed up with a smile on her face the entire time.  There was no fear as she walked to the end of the dive and jumped in.  Of course, once big sister saw that, she got the courage to jump, too!

My baby is growing up!

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Julie Wood said...

I remember when I was young, I just loved swimming and diving off the diving board! Your daughter is a go getter! I did not dive off the diving board until I was 10 years old! I am so glad to hear about your daughter and how she loves the water now and swimming!

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