Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Parent and Kid Friendly Music: Makenzie Caine: Take This Town

Now that my kids are a bit older, I don't feel the need to pop in annoying kid music.  But I also don't want to listen to the radio or, for that matter, some of the music I like because some of the lyrics or topics are not necessarily appropriate for young ears.  So, finding music that is both pleasing to ears young and a-hem, not that old with appropriate lyrics can sometimes be challenging.

I recently learned of Makenzie Caine.  Her new CD, Take the Town, features indie-pop sounds with a hint of folk.  She has a beautiful voice, and beautiful music to accompany it.

My girls and I really enjoy this CD.  Although the lyrics do not contain anything bad, I don't think that my girls understand what the some of the songs are really about.  It's a little over their heads, but aren't most songs anyway?  Pre-teen or teen girls will probably enjoy the lyrics more, but young ones will definitely enjoy the music.

My girls really love Butterfly.  I like that the lyrics say, "I asked God in Heaven to show me the way..."   I also like the song You're a Doll.  The lyrics are promote friendship, especially during rough times.  The CD wraps up with a lovely rendition of Moon Shadow.  

With clean lyrics and pleasant sounds, this is a CD that I love to have in the car.  We can all enjoy listening and singing along to this!

The tracks include:

  1. Take This Town
  2. Young Marine
  3. Pretty in Red
  4. Sweet Baby
  5. Butterfly
  6. You're a Doll
  7. Moon Shadow
Links for more information:

Makenzie Caine on Facebook
Makenzie Caine on Twitter
Makenzie Caine on YouTube
Makienzie Caine on Pinterest

Disclosure:  I received a copy of this CD to facilitate this review.

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