Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Questions about Butterfly Kisses

One of my readers was curious about the butterfly photo in my Wordless Wednesday post.  She wondered if it was my daughter and how we got the butterfly to land on her nose.  Yes, it is my youngest daughter and that took place on her sixth birthday.

Now, as to how we got the butterfly on her nose.  I need to first preface that her older sister has been rightfully nicknamed the Butterfly Whisperer and little sister is following suit.  Every since they were toddlers, we have loved butterflies.  Seems nearly every year, we have found a caterpillar and raised it to a butterfly, watching the magic unfold.

But my oldest daughter is amazing with the butterflies.  I have never seen someone catch or get butterflies to crawl or land on them like she does.  And, now the little sis is doing the same.

This instance, though, we have been in a drought.  Where we were camping got a light shower and the butterflies wanted water.  As they were playing with them, Camille said one almost landed on her nose and she wanted one to do so.  I suggested they put a drop of water on their noses.  It did the trick!

Here are some more butterfly pictures from that day and the past.

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Julie Wood said...

Your daughter is so cute! But I was so surprised to read how the butterfly got on her nose! She put some water on her nose and because there is a drought, the butterfly was trying to drink off of her nose! I just think that this is so beautiful! This is a picture that is a treasure to keep for years to come!

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