Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Special Visitors in My Yard

Cardinal, backyard birds
A Cardinal Enjoying a Meal
I spent some time when we moved to this house planting flowers, plants and trees that attract birds as well as putting out feeders.  Since we have lived here, we have definitely increased the bird population (this is a good thing--they eat bugs) and species.  This year, I have heard many new birds high in our back trees.  We have spied new visitors, including the red headed woodpecker and the yellow bellied sapsucker.  Yesterday, though, the girls spied two new visitors, the Indigo Bunting and an unidentified bird in the Warbler family.  Unfortunately, they didn't stick around long enough for me to grab my camera!
Cow birds, birds mating, bird ritual dance
Two Male Cow Birds Trying to Impress the Female

Bird watching is a fun activity for our family, especially our children.  I have a feeder on the deck outside the kitchen window and while we eat, we watch the birds.  It helps the children not just in learning bird names, but with their memory skills.  They also observe and learn about animal behavior.  We have seen a variety of interesting things, from mama birds feeding babies, to mating rituals, to a Cardinal feeding a Cow Bird fledgling that they were raising (Cow Birds use host nests to leave their eggs).

Why not put a feeder out and see what you can attract?

The Rosebreasted Grossbeaks stop by every year on their way north.

Out of focus--darn!

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Beth said...

We love to watch birds at our house~great article and beautiful pictures of our feathered friends!

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