Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What??? Six Cavities!!!!

When I take my girls to the dentist, I thought that today's kids were lucky.  Back in my day, we didn't have fluoride rinses to protect our teeth.  We didn't have power toothbrushes.  We didn't floss.  We didn't have all the information about dental care that we have today.

But I was wrong!

I just read a report that dentists across the country are concerned that they are seeing preschool children come in with 6-10 (yes, ten!) cavities!  This is across all socioeconomic levels, ruling out it is just a problem among the poor.  In addition, teens and college students are having more and more cavities.

The biggest cause?  This isn't new--sugar.  But the frequency that children are ingesting sugar is.  Some of the main culprits of sugar are sugary drinks, sticky candy, and energy drinks.  Combine an increased sugar level with a lack of brushing frequently leads to cavities.

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