Monday, July 16, 2012

Why Trash Night Angers Me

I find myself getting pretty irritated on trash night, and not because I have to collect the trash and get it to the curb (which I don't usually do either--my girls collect it and the hubby carries it to the curb).  But there are two things bug me on trash night.  The first is the amount of trash that some of my neighbors have.  We are a family of four and generally just have one small can (and usually not even full) of trash and one or two bins of recycling.  We recycle our paper at the school or we would have more.  But I see neighbors, who are also families or four, that consistently have two or more cans of garbage each week.  What is in there?

Okay, so that just bugs me a little.  What really bugs me is neighbors who throw away perfectly good items.  I have neighbors who are moving that threw out in their trash this week a nice comforter and sham, perfectly good shoes, and more.  I have seen many other items in the trash, including nice furniture, televisions, working lawn mowers, chairs, toys, and bikes.

I can't understand why they don't just donate these items.  What is really sad is that a charity comes around our neighborhood monthly to pick up items for donations, (they even mail you a bag) so they wouldn't even have to put it in their car and haul it off.

I think this is a sin to throw things out when there are people in need.  This is why trash night angers me.

If you are an offender, please realize that places like Goodwill and St. Vincent de Paul are in need of these items for their thrift stores (and you can write off your donation on your taxes).  Also, places like Vietnam Vets will come out and pick up items.  Scheduling can even be done online and you leave the bag on your porch.  Or, post items to giveaway on Craigslist or the Yahoo group, Freecycle.  It's easy to do!

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