Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'm So Freakin' Sensitive Sometimes it Kills Me! A Memory

Slowly, very slowly, I am trying to get my life organized.  Tonight, I was working in my office and decided a small stack of papers on the top shelf of my hutch could probably need a good sorting through.  I found all sorts of things.  A $20 bill (yeah--but not mine--one of the kids), a $20 Target gift card I didn't remember (also a kid's), some Webkinz trading cards, Bella Sera cards (both definitely being thrown in the kid pile--they are old enough to enter the codes), two important receipts, receipts that expired last year...and a card.  It was one from my murdered friend, Chris.

For some crazy reason, I had saved it.  I remember receiving it and thinking it was totally Chris.  He could have written the card.  I could even hear his voice when I read it.  It was unusual for him to send me a card--in fact, I don't recall receiving a card from him EVER, other than a random Christmas card.  He sent it shortly after I had been in Ohio and had visited with him.

Like I said, I saved it.  I didn't even remember I had it (anyone who knows me, knows I have a bad memory from an auto-accident).  And now, this evening, I found it. I held it in my hands.  Something he had held in his own hands.  I read his words.  I touched his signature.  And I cried.  I miss you, Chris.  Thank you, Chris, for being sensitive.  Thank you for sending me the card.

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Julie Wood said...

WOW! your friend Chris was a really nice person! I think that it is so awful about what happened to him! I wish that it never happened! What a cute card! I bet you are glad you have it now!

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