Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nightmare Back to School Supply Lists and a Great Letter of Response to the Teacher

I am always amazed that the frenzied moms (and some dads) trying to find all the things they need on their children's back-to-school supply lists.  My kids are going to school this year instead of being homeschooled.  I feared the supply list just from previous years of watching the frantic parents with a cart full of stuff and studying a long list trying to find the right size, amount, color of items on the list.

Fortunately, the lists for my girls was relatively simple.  So I lucked out!  No bizarre request for a specific brand of something in a certain color and size (that of course, is not standard or on sale).

However, I did read something this morning on a blog that really gave me a laugh.  It was an open letter written to the first grade teacher from a disgruntled parent.  Hop on over to Praying to Darwin and read A Letter to My Child's Teacher, Whom I Suspect is a Sadist: Revisited.  I am sure you might just find a laugh or two!

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