Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Greatest Fallacy of #Homeschooling

As a former homeschooling mother who just recently put her children in school, I find I am still defending the homeschooling stance with people.  There are many fallacies about homeschooling abut the number one fallacy I think all homeschooling families run into is that homeschooled children aren't socialized.

That is a big load of crap.  Sure, there might be the unusual homeschooling family here and there that completely shelters their children, but for the most part, homeschooling children are socialized.  These children have play dates with friends, attend co-ops with other homeschooling children, volunteer in the community, and interact with people frequently on field trips.  They partake in parks and recreation activities with other children.  They play sports with other children.  They take art, phys ed, drama, language, and dance classes with other children.  They have friends in the neighborhood.  They are very well socialized.

And often, homeschooled children are better socialized.  They know how to engage with children of all ages and adults.  They know how to behave in public.  Have you ever been to a museum when a school group is there?  Their behavior is unbelievable.  However, take a large group of homeschoolers, and it is a completely different story.  Employees at the museum in our city say they dread school groups, but welcome homeschoolers, who are well-behaved and attentive to their programs.

Homeschooled children also act more respectful to their peers.  I was amazed watching the children from co-op play together outdoors.  They were inclusive of everyone and every age.  They were able to supervise their own games without arguments.  There was no name-calling or gossiping.

So, before you open your mouth to a homeschooling parent about socialization, make sure you know what you are talking about.  And here's some food for thought:  do you send your children to school to socialize or to learn?


Beth said...

Thanks, Ann! It IS the great fallacy.

Ruth Cox said...

I never homeschooled my son, but sure wish I had done so. I agree with you totally on the socialization topic. And I loved your last line/question in this article!

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