Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Get Your Gutzy On! Gutzy Gear Party!

Have you heard of Gutzy Gear?  I hadn't until I applied to host a Gutzy Gear Party from MomSelect.   But, when I asked my girls if they had heard of it, they excitedly said, "YES!"  They love Gutzy Gear.  And after reading about it, I was intrigued.   Gutzy Gear is a fun, new accessory that allows kids to express themselves.  The Gutzy Gear starter kits contain two straps that easily Velcro on to backpack, messenger bags or duffle bag straps.  Then, kids collect Gutzy patches that Velcro on the straps to personalize their bags.

We had 11 children at the party, both boys and girls, ages ranging from 5 to 9.  Some had already heard of Gutzy Gear and some had never heard of it...yet.  The kids really enjoyed the fun, well-thought out games that the folks at Gutzy Gear provided.  Since many of the children didn't know each other, we played a fun ice-breaker, called Missing Peace.  The children also enjoyed bingo and other games, but their favorite was where they teamed up to have a scavenger hunt.  This was an exciting game for the kids!

Missing Piece Ice Breaker Game
Playing bingo

Looking for the next clue!

Figuring out the next clue.

The winning team!
And now for the actual Gutzy Gear.  These are really well made with strong Velcro that stays put on bags.  I was curious as to how well the patches would stay on, but they also have strong Velcro to keep them in place.  The patches are great and there is a huge selection of them designed for boys or girls or both.  Kids can choose what they like and they can easily trade them with friends.

All party guests received Gutzy Gear starter kits and patches.  I had opened the patches and let each child choose two of their liking.  But it wasn't long before trades were going on!  The kids really had fun with this!  (At this point, things were quite hectic, so there aren't many photos.)  They also loved the  different designs!

Some children, who stayed longer, also decided to make their own Gutzy Gear patch designs.  Aren't they cute?  Hey, Gutzy--check out the BFF idea...

Gutzy Gear are sold in stores like Toys R Us, Office Depot, Target, Walmart, K-mart, etc.  To learn more and find a location near you, visit GutzyGear.com.

Disclosure:  Thanks to Gutzy Gear and MomSelect for providing me with supplies to host this party.  I was not compensated nor required to write a favorable post.  As always, this post contains my honest opinions.


Hobbies on a Budget said...

I have 3 kids aged 5, 7 and 10 and noone that I know of has these in our school...yet! These look really cool! I love them! I'm going to have to check them out. Wonder if they any with a lego design? or horses??? Gonna go check!

Beth said...

These are so cute! I have never heard of them and I don't think my kiddos have, either. I'm wondering what the cost is...might be good party favors, or at least good stocking stuffers.

V. said...

My kids would love these!

Melissa said...

Great pictures, my kids loved the scavenger hunt game. Gutzy Gear is one of my favorite products of the back to school season!

Maureen Timerman said...

What a great idea...mine use to collect those silly bands. This is so much nicer. I'll have to pick some up for my Grandsons!

Elizabeth Towns said...

These seem like they would make good party favors, or handy hand outs at events. I know my kids would like them.

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