Friday, September 28, 2012

National Alpaca Farm Days this Weekend--Find a Farm Near You!

This weekend is National Alpaca Farm Day.  Many people are unfamiliar with with what an Alpaca exactly is.  I never heard of Alpacas when I was growing up--and their is a reason for this.  They were only first imported in the US in 1984.  An Alpaca is a cousin to the Llama that are are beautiful, smart and curious creatures that come in 22 colors.  They are shorn about every 12-18 months, producing about five to ten pounds of fiber.  Fiber artists and hand-spinners purchase it in its raw form and knitters purchase it as yarn.  It has a very soft testure with the luster of silk.  The fiber is very warm and weighs much less than wool.  The fiber also naturally hypoallergenic and isn't as itchy as wool.

My daughter's Girl Scout troup visited an Alpaca farm this week and it was very fun.  The Alpaca's curious and shy.  We enjoyed watching them and their babies and learning about them.

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, visit an Alpaca Farm near you.  I know the nearest one to me is providing activities for free.  You can visit to find a participating Alpaca Farm near you.

To learn more about the alpaca industry, visit To find out more about National Alpaca Farm Days visit


Hobbies on a Budget said...

I have a friend in Walton/Verona area who raises Alpacas! How fun!

Julie Wood said...

I think the Alpaca animals are so pretty to look like. They have really great long necks, and they look like they are looking right at you. I have visited a farm in the past and my son and I enjoyed it!

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