Sunday, October 21, 2012

Review: FruitziO--Guilt-free #Healthy Snacking--PERFECT FOR HALLOWEEN! @Fruitzio #snacks #kosher

I am constantly on the lookout for healthy snacks for my family.  Now that the girls are in school, they need a snack at school every day.  And there are restrictions on what they can bring (no nuts, no soy) which really limits their choices.  Although they are fruit eaters, I am finding that fruit is hard to pack For example, Claire wants apples cut up but would be brown by snack time, oranges are pretty sticky, other fruits, like melon, needs to be kept cold (and they can't keep snacks in their lunch bags).  In addition, they see their friends bringing crunchy not-so-good for you chips.

But I recently had the opportunity to try FruitziO freeze dried fruit snacks.  These snacks are real fruit slices filled with fiber and nutrients.  There are no preservatives and they have no fat and no cholesterol.  They are also very low in calories.  It is also certified kosher.

First off, I loved reading the ingredient list. The bananas, mangoes, Asian Pears, cantaloupe,  and pineapple only contained one ingredient--the fruit itself.  The strawberries, apricots and kiwi contained the fruit and cane sugar.  However, the sugars were not high in these packages.

The real test comes down to how does it taste?  I love them!  My kids love them!  We each have our favorites, but we all liked any of them.   They have a nice, sweet taste and are somewhat airy and crunchy.  I love that it is a way I can sneak another fruit into their diets. Each pack is either a piece of whole fruit (i.e. apple) or a 1/3 to 1/2 cup serving of fruit. They like that they have a good, crunchy snack.

In fact, the only thing I don't like about them is that they are a product of China.  However, they have a manufacturer's Certificate of Analysis on every batch and are dried and processed a HACCP-certified and US FDA-registered facilities.  There are also additional quality checks by U.S. FDA-certified labs.

These would also be perfect to pass out for Halloween.  They are sweet enough that kids will love them and not even realize they are eating healthy foods!

For more information:
FruitziO website:
Twitter:  @Crispy_Green and @Fruitzio

About the company as sent to me in a press release:

Crispy Green Inc. (www.crispygreen.comis the maker of Crispy Green® Crispy Fruit all-natural freeze-dried fruit snacks--"real fruit, real taste, nothing else!” and the new line of FruitziO® freeze-dried fruit snacks with a hint of pure cane sugar. The Crispy Green Crispy Fruit and FruitziO lines of snacks are made of only the finest fruits available. A sophisticated freeze-drying process removes the water from fresh, sweet fruit, leaving behind the fruit’s true essence in a light and crispy texture that’s perfect for snacking. Crispy Fruit and FruitziO are a delicious, convenient way to add more fruit to your daily diet. The company was founded in August 2004 with a vision to be the leading provider of high-quality natural food products desired by everyone who wants to live a healthy and better life. In 2005, Crispy Green introduced its line of Crispy Green Crispy Fruit in the United States. Since then, Crispy Green has been adding one new product each year to its product line to meet its rapidly growing distribution footprint. In 2009, Crispy Green launched FruitziO Strawberry, the first product in its line of FruitziO freeze-dried fruit snacks.

Disclosure:  I received product samples in order to facilitate this review.  I was not compensated for this review.  This review contains my honest opinions.


Kelly Blackwell said...

They do sound good. We are always trying to find ways to fit more fruit into our diets. I love dried fruit, but it is rarely crispy. This sounds really good. Thanks for sharing.

Hobbies on a Budget said...

I love the fact that they are crispy not chewy and rubber. And cantaloupe? That sounds like something I would enjoy!

Jenny Ortiz said...

this sounds great my sister and i are always lokking for healthy snacks for the kids

Maureen Timerman said...

What a great idea...healthy treats for Halloween. Thanks for sharing!

Sharon Martin said...

The crispy asian pears sound gorgeous.

Samantha said...

my son likes these a lot

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