Thursday, October 11, 2012

Today is National Depression Screening Day

Depression is not just the blues that we all get once in awhile.  Depression is a medical condition that deserves medical care.  Fortunately, there is less stigma attached to people seeking treatment for depression than in the past.

Today, October 11, is National Depression Screening day.  Information about locations for screenings and anonymous online screenings can be found at

Depression can be treated!


Julie Wood said...

This is so important to do! When a loved one or any one that you know seems depressed,we need to step up and try to get them help! Just 2 weeks ago a neighbor of my sisters committed suicide! It is so sad! Men tend to keep there depression a secret from everyone. We need to learn the signs and try to help!

Anonymous said...

Very important. I didn't even know you could get screened!

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