Friday, November 16, 2012

Cincinnati Radio Station Leads Bully Attack

I was excited that here in the Cincinnati area that we finally got an alternative radio station (although they have a huge problem with overplaying about 40 songs over and over again).  Anyway, I listen and I started following them on Facebook.  They tend to have some fun items on their Facebook wall.  But today, I saw something that I found quite disturbing.  They posted a photo of an overweight woman eating what appears to be a blog of cheese with a grocery bag of Cheeze-its hanging off of her wheelchair.  They ask readers to, "Caption this picture...quick before she...nom, nom, nom..."  (See screen shot below.)  Many people posted that this was mean and asked for it to be taken down, but to no avail.  And then there were the people who joined in the game and left their captions.  And then there were the commenters who started name calling of the people who came out in her defense.

This is horribly wicked and just another example of how the media bullies people.  We don't know the story of this woman or why she is overweight and in a wheelchair.  We don't know anything about her life circumstances.  But we do know she is a person with feelings.  She is not meant to be ridiculed publicly by a tasteless radio station and harassed by comments following.  It is sad and disgusting to see the media take the lead in laughing at this woman and encouraging others to do the same.  This is truly the definition of a bully.  

I urge you to contact The Project via or at and beg them to remove this from their Facebook page.  I haven't been able to find a phone number for them yet, but I will share it if I do!  I did find a number for Clear Channel Media, which owns the station, so you might be able to voice complaints there: 531-864-6020.


Sharon Martin said...

That's a wicked picture to post, I hope they remove it soon.

Maureen Timerman said...

Really sickening! One never knows whats going on in someones life. My hubby passed away this year from Parkinson's....more than once people called him a drunk. With the amount of drugs he took...he sure couldn't drink!

Maureen Timerman said...

Don't know how I feel about is early, but I do love Christmas music. We usually only have less than a month to enjoy those CD's each year.
I don't like seeing the stores decorated with the Halloween things! UGH!

Hobbies on a Budget said...

Horrible!!! This is not the kind of things that we need to have posted and ridiculed! Whole heartedly believe this is wrong. We never know someone's past or what they are experiencing! Thanks for bringing awareness. This is not good!

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