Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gym Etiquette

The gym is one of the last places you might think etiquette would come into play, but it should.  There are some basic etiquette rules that make the gym experience much nicer for all involved.  Here are my tips:

  1. Wipe off the equipment after use.  Many gyms these days provide spray bottles of cleaner and a towel.  No one wants to sit down in someone else's pool of sweat.
  2. When cleaning the equipment, squirt the spray into the towel for two reasons:  a.) the liquid might end up in parts where you can't dry, damaging the machines and b.) spraying into the towel keeps the air cleaner.  (Some people are sensitive to the fumes in the cleaner and it makes breathing difficult.)
  3. If you choose to refill your water bottle at the water fountain, allow others who just want a drink of water to go before you.
  4. There is no need to parade around the locker room stark naked.  I don't care how good you look, there is just no need.  Have some modesty.
  5. Watch what you put on the countertops at the sinks.  There is no need for you to germ up the countertops with your shoes or dirty, sweaty clothing.
  6. Don't sit and rest at a machine between sets if someone is hovering around.  Let them work between your sets. 
  7. Don't sit and talk to a friend at a machine.  You may not realize it, but someone may be waiting to use it.  Either use it or get off and talk.
  8. Be friendly and encouraging to all who are in the gym.  It takes much courage for an overweight person to start working out.  
These are just a few thoughts I have had, but I am sure there are more.  Leave a comment if you have some ideas to add!

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Anne D. said...

Thanks for posting that list...I wish more people would follow these tips:)

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