Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Is it Really Over?

I am so tired, as many Americans, of all the election crap.  The negative campaigning has been awful.  But I tell you, where it bothers me the most is on Facebook.  It is amazing how many people make such ridiculous and mean posts, bashing the opponent/other party.  I know these people and also know that most of them would NEVER say stuff like that in public or to their friends.  But somehow, Facebook became a forum for supposedly mature adults to act like a bunch of idiots, shoving their opinions down people's throats.  Not to mention the people that post the utterly ridiculous things that are not fact based.  Those people really need to educate themselves.

I thought things would be better today, now that the election is over.  But it is not.  In fact, I think it has become more ridiculous.  I am blown away by the absurdity of some of the comments, and I am talking from BOTH sides.  People are just down right disrespectful and mean about things.

It is one thing if you want to share your opinion.  That I don't mind.  But it is another thing when you do it in an immature, disrespectful way.  Why can't people agree to disagree on issues?

It is time now for all of American's to stand up and do something for our country, instead of sitting back and complaining about how we got in this mess.  You can do it on an individual level (volunteering, helping the poor, teaching kids to read, whatever) or on a more public level by becoming involved in government by following issues, calling your representatives and pushing for change.  Just do something for the good of your country.  President Kennedy summed it up best, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."

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Kathryn Shipman said...

BRAVO ANN for speaking what needed to be said! AMEN!

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