Monday, November 19, 2012

Making Learning Healthy Habits Fun with Soap Time! @mysoaptime

One of the most important ways to stay healthy is by proper hand washing.  It can be a challenge for children, who are often so busy they will try to skip the soap or even if they do use soap, rush through hand washing.  Twenty seconds of hand washing is what it really takes to kill off germs and help kids stay healthier.  I know when my kids were younger, I encouraged them to sing the ABC Song, but they often sang it faster than normal and didn't get the full 20 seconds of washing in.

However, someone came up with a novel idea--a soap station that entertains children while they wash. Soap Time uses a multimedia "Edutainment" experience for children, with lights, music and fun facts to keep children washing for the full 20 seconds.  The product comes with base and you snap on the soap bottles filled with non-toxic soap.  Right now, they have an Elephant, ABC and Earth shaped bottles.  The base plays 6 unique songs and facts for each bottle, while lighting up.

The four-piece set, including a SmartBase, ABC, Earth and Elephant bottle is just $16.97.  Refills of all three soap bottles are $10.47 and can be purchased at

The Elephant bottle plays music and teaches facts about elephants, zebras, tigers and birds.  The ABC bottle boasts salsa beats, banjos and sing-along songs.  Children will also learn to say hello and goodbye and three languages--Spanish, French and Chinese!  Earth teaches children details about the sun and blue whales.  Children can also sing along and count to ten in Spanish.

Although my girls are older at 6 and 8, they still need to be reminded to wash their hands long enough.  They were tickled when we got these to try out and have loved using them ever since.  Even though they are great for toddlers, older kids will have fun listening to silly songs and fun facts.  Hand washing and education mixed in with loads of fun!

You can see how much my girls enjoy Soap Time!

And you can watch a video here to get more of an idea of what fun it is!

I highly recommend this product.  It is fun, educational and helps kill off germs!

Disclosure:  I received samples of Soap Time in exchange for an honest review.  I was not compensated for this post.  As always, this review contains my honest opinions.

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