Friday, November 9, 2012

Perfect Gift for Girls Ages 5-12! Fashion Playtes $30 Credit for $15!

Do you have a daughter that loves fashion and picking out her own clothes?  I came across a company a few years ago called Fashion Playtes.  Online, girls can design their own clothing and then Fashion Playtes will actually make the clothing and ship it to you.  We have ordered from them a few times and have always been pleased with the quality and end product.  I love that the girls get to put their own personality into their fashion design.

Anyway, today, you can get a deal through Mamapedia to get a $30 credit for $15.  This does not expire until May 2013, so it is a perfect holiday gift or birthday idea for girls between the ages of 5-12.    You can also send this directly as a gift via email.

Not only will Mamapedia will donate 5% of your cost to the school of your choice, but if 3 of your friends buy this deal, you can get it for free!  (See details on site.)

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