Thursday, December 27, 2012

Before and After: Muddy Snow Clothes Washed in Purex with Oxi @Purex

You may already know I am a Purex Insider from some of my other posts.   However, this is a COMPLETELY unsolicited post.  I was NOT asked to blog about this, but if you know me, you know that I don't like keeping good things secret.  Purex with Oxi is one of them.  LOVE THIS STUFF!

We have been limited on the snowfall--haven't seen much since two years ago.  So, get an inch or so of the stuff on the ground (after a heavy rain, of course) and my kids are nuts to play in it.  But guess what they looked like when they came back in?  Mudballs.

Crap.  Two years ago this happened and I had to get a scrub brush and scrub and scrub their snowsuits. I was not looking forward to doing it again when I remembered how well I liked the Purex with Oxi.  I hold that bottle back for the super dirty loads and whites.  I pulled it out and threw the snow suits in the washer.  No scrubbing.  Nada.  Here are the results:
Purex before and after, purex review, purex with oxi

This post was not sponsored in anyway.  However, for the purposes of full disclosure, I am a Purex Insider.

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