Monday, December 31, 2012

Date Night With Your Husband

Recently, my husband and I watched Date Night on DVD (yes, we are a boring married couple who waits around for the library to get the DVD).  If you haven't seen it, it is a comedy starring Tina Fey (Claire) and Steve Carell (Phil), who play a married couple whose life has become, well, stale.  Busy, working parents, their life becomes routine and dull.  Spurred by the split up of close friends who want more excitement, Phil takes Claire to dinner at a fancy restaurant.  What ensues definitely adds excitement to their lives and renews their passion for each other.

Although the movie was outrageous and improbable, it holds a very important truth regarding marriage.  That truth is that sometimes life gets dull and mundane for married people.  We pack lunches for the kids, change diapers, juggle schedules.  Things become routine.  We get tired.  Even in the bedroom.  We get into routines.  Sex can just become another thing.  We can lose the passion we once had.

We don’t have to be like Claire and Phil and get involved with mobsters to perk up our relationship with our spouse.  We can perk it up ourselves by doing a one simple thing.  Do something different.  Yep, seriously.  Do something different.  Maybe your date night means throwing on your dressy jeans.  Jazz it up—go someplace nice and dress up.  Seriously—it will get the hubs to look at you differently.  And you at him differently.  Don’t talk about the kids or the mundane details of life.  Talk about dreams.  Talk about love.
And when you get home and go to bed, don’t do the same ole same ole.  Maybe even start before you go to bed.  Kiss your husband passionately.  Kiss him like you did when you were dating him.  Want to spice things up even more?  Look to for sexylingerie and other things to get out of the routine and into excitement.  Ordering and shipping are always discreet and right now, enter code CHEERS25 to get 25% off your order.  But hurry--this expires January 4, 2012.

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